My kids showed love…:)

So these are snapshots of my kids showing love!:)

Kit and Kat lips- locked…=}

And there they are!! You guys are  naughty little babies:)


Hồ cá mới!! hĩ hĩ hĩ:) ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

This is a new tank for Sneaker. He seems very happy and excited after all:). I will try to get him another buddy. The problem is thar Sneak isn’t a get along well buddy so that will be tricky after all. Im thinking about getting a couple of bettas – maybe the three will fight to death. Lol. We will see how it goes.

Obviously Sneak is having antisocial disorder. He isn’t happy to see any presence of other fishes! Goshhhh!!!

Here is the snapshot. He is hiding under the coral thingy- as always . Awwwwww!!!


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cute little doggy.

I went back to this old blog post and edit it.

This is Tony, he got adopted from a good friend of mine. We met in 2007.

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