Lunar New Year festival

Gilchrist center assigned me a volunteer position for the Viet’s festival. GeeZ thanks to you guys all because the kids from after school program that i used to tutor happened to be there yoo. What a great reunion!

Got to sing for the kids. They loved the songs and I have had some more fans too:). They clapped crazily when i were on stage.. Whoop! Too bad i didnt win the first prize but who cared?! ( I would have donated anyways). As long as the kids love it, I am happy:)

People, even viet community, they still think that i am high school student… :d. I meant… americans think i am high schooler is find, but even viet ppl?! How am I supposed to get a job ?! What the fugde?! :/

By kendylau Posted in Blog

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