I’m still looking back! If I am just a normal girl, things won’t get complicated.

I’m still looking back!

For some reason, I force myself not to think about it or look at it!

But still want too see if BB is doing Ok. Yes! He is doing Ok!:)

Oh now! Somebody is not my BB anymore!

And with all things that happened recently. I will never have any chances to be back! My decisions sometimes led to wrong directions

I’m addicted to that <3…….

I’m having classes start late in June. Just try my best to manage all and have A’s.

Bye Bye BB. If I had chances to meet you in the next life, I  have done anything to make it up for you and your<3.

I’m sorry……….I did something complelety wrong- again and again.

By kendylau Posted in Blog

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