” You have 21 missed calls” huh? seriously?

Seriously?! If you are my family members.. yeah probably that I was sleeping at that time.

However, if you are not…Really you should take a moment and think.

You made 21 missed called continually in 20 minutes, together with tons of facebook messages and texts. Then you realized that I did not answer and you kept calling and texting. It means that I did not even give you a damn!

If I do not answer any calls, there are only 3 options:

  • I am sleeping.
  • I am out of sight of lost the services.
  • I am ignoring YOU.

Therefore, in your case, please think! Enough said.

And stop calling me after 5 tries.I am so nice by not to say you are annoying.

One more thing, m ignorance is the way better than YOURS!

By kendylau Posted in Blog

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