_|..|_I missed my Communication Buddies:)_|..|_

Seriously, even though it was over, I personally have the feeling for my Communication SP 108 class. Most of my buddies came from different countries, so we actually had fun time with each others. Listening to their speeches, I could feel the proud in the cultures where they were coming from. Seriously, I’m not that kind of girl that can easily share emotions ( yeah I’m a two faced person, but I.. yeah admit to say that I love that class).

Teacher’s evaluation: Well, FIrst of all I think he is cool because he said the f word and b word many times in class. haha I know he was not supposed to say such that, but I enjoyed it anyway. It just provided me the sense of closeness and connection.

and It was funny that he kind of.. knew what I was thinking though, It was really hard to explain, but whatever I did my presentation, he would know my purpose was. I was honest as of right now, I did my presentations because of grade; that meant outside of all the research information, everything was made up ( Except for my friend’s story back in high school who killed herself). Whatever, everybody knows do I would say… shjt I don’t care! I remembered the last line he gave me after the little marijuana” investigation” between us: ” You are telling a hard lie *****! You are…” =>~~ _~~ * speechless*

Buddies: My classmates are super cool! Whatever I got up on the stage, they were alway behind my backs, supported and encouraged me! * good luck- Good luck*, like that and it made me super- duper happy:)

I’m tired, I’m sick, probably want to write more but I need sleep:(

I’m writing more tomorrow:). But still want to post it in order to show love to my most favorite class:)

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One comment on “_|..|_I missed my Communication Buddies:)_|..|_

  1. Hahaha just knew the story it was hilarious and lame at the same time,but at least it was overrrrrrrrrrrrrr:)))))

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