Fighting over little things:)

Ok. There was one idea that I just recently read from my friend’s post.

What does it mean when you are an international student! Yep. Fighting for yourself, living independently, running around for your documents/ papers verification and fighting, again, over little things

Recently i just had a fight/ not a fight actually, I personally called it a debate, sort liked argument with the Chemistry Department in my college. It was so funny that I asked to skip some classes when they already had me skipped almost 3 classes required for my majors:/ Blah Blah Blah… One non-organic and one organic is not going to hurt my grade though!:) … but whatever, I ended up taking CH101, which is the first non organic class for my  major! Sounds Ok for me but i do want more of something, like taking two classes of Chemistry at the same time if possible:)..

Te negotiation did not work at all; so my schedule is funny as hell: One Cal, one Chemistry and two Bio’s. * Pains in the ass, too much calculating*.All are required by major. I’m jumping to my major courses for the next fall! Exciting!!

Well, honestly Im just tired with all general courses which involve too much reading and writing:(. Do some Math will probably refresh my mind after all.

Probably one demo song will be out after the exam week!

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6 comments on “Fighting over little things:)

  1. I’m glad that you are doing well.making an arguememt is an act showing that you are growin up.very responsible girl ,I enjoy reading your blog,very blunt but honest and warm

  2. buy an atomic bomb and place it in front of the department,take it or leave it?go ask them hah

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