Marble Swirl Nail Art

Chi mập ơi mày fải coi cái này nè!!!! I always and always have short nails! If I have long nails then i will start picking my nose blehhhhhhhh:(

Also, My fingers look messy !Yes I’m not professional so take it easy on meeeeeee:P

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Not perfect but ok:)

I love it! I love Marble Nail Art since it is super easy and I can do on my nails.

My aunt has told me how to do this Marble Art since years ago, but I have never actually practiced it until now. Basically, just drop the nail color ( two or more color) in to a bowl of room-temp water, then use the toothpicks to randomly creat the abstract patterns. Next dip the fingers in to that ” mess” and I have the awesome marble swirl nails. If somebody wants to do it, go look for videos on youtube. There are tons of gurus that have uploaded their tutorials… I’m not interested in making videos about nails and makeup though. Enough said=]

Haha.. SO ok. I think most of girls don’t like this kind of nail art; it is messy and time- consuming; though I personally like it because this nail art creates a contemporary, artistic and different look for each of the nails.

Well. I think it is cool, even though I’m not that good at this “girly” thingy… ( I have no games to play right now, My PSP is acting up againnn:((, also have to finish two research papers:(  )

P/s: I hate the polish remover smell, but It is the way better than ER and hospital… evil  evil evil  that I can’t get rid of.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:((

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