When I was young..Nitendo and Mario were the best:)

Ahhhh I want one of this..Again! Really! Would it be possible?!:)

Hahaha jkd thôi chứ jờ muốn tìm cái bộ này thì hơi bị hiếm. nhớ hồi còn nhỏ mổi lần chơi game là bắt thằng Sùn đập đập mấy cuốn băng muốn gãy tay:)) Ôi thời đó mình thật là classic:)
Giờ thấy Wii, thấy PS3 thì lại nhớ cái đống gạch này:) Mình nhớ hồi đó cuả mình là mảu đỏ fải hôn ta?!

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Super Mario- Mario  was so small and I could hardly see him. That was reason why I have had to wear glasses!>.< * Eat the mushroom*

Using Snes9xTYL. I was able to play Mario again:) *  Note: My PSP was already hacked*

Ahhhh Lost the mushroom:/

Battle FiledBattle Field – Don’t know if the name is right or not! But This game IS awesome. I remembered finish the game, but still wanna play it at some points. hmmm. Gotta download and install this for my PSP.. =)

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5 comments on “When I was young..Nitendo and Mario were the best:)

  1. nho’ tro` mario hoi` do’ choi wai`………………bay^ gio` van~ thay’ nho’l…………….hihi

  2. That’s why Nintendo call it Mario 4ever.
    Battle City is also the best.Have you try Tank Force, it’s the BC sequel (3rd part actually).
    I have them both on pc,

  3. Also!Yeahyou were right! Mario was always the best of all time Classic.. I have all versions of Mario in the PSP, included the Europen version, which was unreleased in many other countries. ?( it was boring tho;)) hell funny.

    and yep Battle city is the best! deal!

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