A “ good death” 🍂

I am working as a Critical care nurse.

Im still considered myself a pretty new nurse, with less than 2 years experiences. Though, working with very sick population , for example, D.C) I have become pretty acquainted with the concept of a ‘good death’; and in our definition, it is when and where the patient spends his/ her last days in the most comfortable way possible. This is the what we call Palliative care, or I call it “P-care”

This options enables the patient to maintain his/ her dignity, as opposed to have a breathing tube shoved down their throat and for us to control the symptoms enough so that he/ she can spend some quality time with the loved ones.

It is all about perspective. Will we want our loved ones to be this, or that.

So with very minimal responses from all the medical management/ interventions, would you rather:

�Be in an unfamiliar environment with tube down your throats, naked under cheap hospital gown, foley in your bladder, EKG and wires all over your chest, your extremities get all puffy due to fluid overload, bedsores. On top of that you are sedated ( and paralyzed- even worst)

�Be with your family and spend last days with them. Your family is primary caregiver, with the help of Pcare team, of course to manage the symptoms.

I lost count of how many time For the past 2 years when I has asked myself this same question over and over “ why is this patient not on P-care, we have exhausted all options”. Obviously it’s alot more involved, and it’s easy said than done. However, I wish there are more teaching/ education regarding Palliative care so that patients and families are well introduced and offered this option, at right when all the interventions are exhausted and patients have very to none minimal responses.

In a very Clift note version: Palliative care offers symptom management/comfort cares, and also some degree of restorative care to improve the patient’s level of functioning. For these to happen concurrently, there somewhat has to be a good, tremendous amount of social support from both patient and families, as well as p-care team.

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Welcome to COVID 19

It has been week since this Corona virus conquered the face of the Earth. I am pretty much staying home for the past two weeks ( even though, of courses our jobs are pretty much in demand).

Pretty much everything is closed. My PRN job is closed, so I lost some of that easy cha-ching.

Though Jelly is very happy that everybody is home with him.

I guess that is all for this post.

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Giữ em đi….

Đêm nay, em bỗng thấy mình cô đơn trong vòng tay thân quen.
Rằng em không thể lựa chọn cho giấc mơ mỗi người.
Vì em cũng đang lạc lối.
Và anh hãy nói thật lòng, anh rất thương rất buồn.
Chỉ cần anh gọi tên, em sẽ đứng lại.
Giữ em đi và nói.. yêu em..

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