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Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again. Everyone has those impetuous times, the time when every boy likes the same girl in class, rushing days with mischief and pranks. Then, youth departed without a sound…

Tuổi thanh xuân giống như một cơn mưa rào. Dù cho bạn từng bị cảm lạnh vì tắm mưa, bạn vẫn muốn được đằm mình trong cơn mưa ấy lần nữa. Mỗi người đều từng có khoảng thời gian bồng bột đấy, khoảng thời gian mà mọi cậu con trai cùng thích một cô gái trong lớp, đi qua tháng ngày với những trò nghịch ngợm hoang đường không tên. Thế rồi, tuổi thanh xuân lặng lẽ qua đi

“You are the apple of my eye”-Giddens Ko

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”  Trái tim của cô gái giống như bông hoa, sẽ vì người trong lòng mà nở rộ, cũng sẽ vì người trong lòng mà héo rũ.
Có những người dù nở tươi hay héo tàn thì vẫn như bông hoa hồng trước ánh mặt trời, dù nở hay tàn cũng đều lừng lẫy khắp chốn, trở thành truyền kỳ được người người ghi nhớ và truyền tụng; có những người dù nở tươi hay héo tàn thì cũng như bông bách hợp mọc giữa núi rừng, dù nở hay tàn cũng không ai hay biết, trở thành bí mật bị thời gian vùi lấp”-桐华

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Back to the blogging world.

I remembered when I first started having a blog- quite back in the 2006 when I was about 16.

Then I dropped the idea of writing it, then I dated, then we broke up then I started writing again, just to get my streams of thoughts out there.

Then I was too busy with school and stopped writing. Then I dated again, then we broke up, then I wrote again.

What a cyclical experience.

Today let’s talk about my workplace. The first time ever, ever that I actually talk about it on any social media.

My work place has just gotten so toxic that for one moment I’m seriously considering quitting without having another job in place (which is something I don’t want to, and should not do). I think at least I can go back to school, but then with all the credit debts I have before, who is going to pay it back?

I honestly can’t see myself staying longer than the rest of this year. I love my coworkers, I love the workplace, but the management is just seem to be very weak.

On the great side, I am only 400 hrs away from the 1000 hrs of clinical experience. So yeah!!

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I’m dying

I’m dying for the touch of his hand on my face, to feel as he wipes away the tears that are streaming down my face.

I’m dying for his arms around me to warm me and comfort me.

I’m dying for his lips against mine, and to hear as his whispers “I love you” into my ear.

I’m dying to feel his warm body pressed against mine as we try to fit on a twin size bed. And we will fit because I am so little.

I’m dying to feel our limbs all intertwined.

I’m dying to run my hand through your soft hair, actually on your soft hair because you have to shave for the army.

I’m dying to laugh till I cry because you wont stop tickling me.

I’m dying to be near you; and it hasn’t even been a week.

And I won’t need to nor I should tell you I’m dying to see you because even though we are an item, we still have lives to live on and things to worry about.

But soon in April, I will be with you again, and this is going to be huge.

Mark Nutt!!!<3

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